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Lightground XXL

Lightground XXL
Technical specification
  • Colour temperature – 7500K
  • Light source – High power led strip (15,5W/1m)
  • Supply voltage – 12V
  • Custom size
  • Manual dimmer included
  • Blue/white gradient included
  • Easy to install - about 10 minutes
  • Frame width from the front - 5mm
  • Product thickness – 32mm


Tanks over 200 cm wide can now have an illuminated background. Just ask about Lightgrounds XXL at one of our dealers.

Extremely simple installation that will take you minutes. Simply hang the screen on hooks on the back wall of the aquarium. The gradient is placed directly on the backlit screen.

Panels come standard with blue and white gradient and dimmer with on/off button.

Where to Buy

Custom size
7500 K light color
Dimmer included
Blue/white gradient as standard